The Jitney Club


What's the Jitney Club? 

The Jitney Club is my frequent buyer program.   Members in the club will receive a regular newsletter detailing recent additions to the site, special deals available only to members, news in the gaming industry and other little tidbits that might be wandering aimlessly through my mind.  Members will also be able to accumulate and redeem Bahjit points.


Does it cost anything and what do I need to join?

The Jitney is a free service.  All you have to do is send me an email letting me know you want to join.  You will need to provide a member name and valid email address.


Am I gonna be spammed or inundated with a bazillion emails?

Never!   Heck, I'll probably be too busy playing to send out that many newsletters.   Any information you provide to me will be held in strictest confidence and never given to a third party... Unless it's a keg party then who knows what'll happen once the alcohol gets into me...


What's a Bahjit?

A Bahjit is when you get something for nothing.   For purposes of the Jitney, its a way to get free software.  For every $20.00 you spend while a member you get a Bahjit.  When a brand new Jitney member makes their first purchase and uses you as a reference, you get a Bahjit.  When you accumulate ten Bahjits you can trade them in for a free game of your choice.