Ok, so I'm a lame guy 'cause all I do is play games.  And this is a lame site 'cause I have no idea what I'm doing.   Because of these two factors, as of yet I can't accept credit cards for payment.   This should be changing shortly however.  And, as I spend all money on games I can't afford  to hire someone to develop fancy schmancy scripted order forms, so that means we hafta do things via email


To place an order, click on the link below and tell me which items you are interested in, your email address and your shipping info.  I will send you an email confirmation of your order.


Shipping and Handling charges within the U.S. are as follows:

$4.50 for the first item
$1.00 each additional item

Charges for International s/h vary depending on destination.  You should mention the destination when you place your order.

All items (except international orders) are shipped via USPS Priority mail

Cash (not recommended), Money Orders and Personal Checks (recommended) are accepted.  Personal checks must clear before the item is shipped.

Virginia Residents will be charged that pesky old sales tax thingy of 4.5%.


So, after all that's been said, it's time to