My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke, your host, WELCOME TO FANTASY...  uh, I mean...   HI!  I'm Morgan Mclain, Welcome to, home of Addicted Gamers Software.  I found that I was spending so much money on games that I needed to support my habit in some way.  So I became a dealer, a pusher that uses his own product to support his addiction.  My addiction is your benefit!  I have dedicated myself and my time to finding you the best prices and widest diversity of computer game software that I can.  Tucked deeply away in my little cave I play games all day, emerging only to drop games in the mail.   Please bear with me as I know nothing of web site design. will be changing frequently and new items will be added constantly so check back often!

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Check out our hot new titles for those games you just gotta have, or go to the full list to see what's available.  This list is added to weekly and continues to grow.  Listed alphabetically, each item has a short description, system requirements and a photo of the game.  Disclaimer:  If anything I say is wrong, then it's not right. 

Can't find a specific game...  Is it an old, out-of-print one...  Perhaps you remember playing it and now the name escapes you...  Go to the email and comments page and ask me a question...  Since all I do is play games I usually have some good answers, and probably can find just about anything.  Disclaimer:  If I can't find it, I won't have it.

So thanks for being an enabler and helping further fuel my addiction!